I Need A Hug

What a month or year.

One of my sisters is experiencing a health issue and I want to be physically there to help her and Mom. Brother has his own health issue but is being monitored for now.

My dear husband is about to undergo diagnostic testing. Health problems we attributed to one particular illness is not what is causing his symptoms of more than one year. X-rays and ultrasound after Christmas may give us a better idea of what has been causing his pain and weakness.

This is difficult in many ways. I don’t feel I can leave my husband for more than a few days even though he says to fly down if I need to. He sees the conflict.

I am “run down” as we always said in the South. I’ve been doing the bulk of the work for a year. Hubby tries to at least cook, get the mail and help me with groceries. Grocery days are so taxing for him it takes two or three days for him to recover.

I think I just need a good cry for now. I do pray often.

I get some comic relief from our 15 year old cat. He tries to tell us when it’s time for us to go to bed. If I let him outside, he climbs atop the window air conditioner when he wants to come back in. He also loves this time of year because, you know, BOXES!! Thank you, Mr. Mats.

Today’s post is a coping mechanism for me. I need to let it out. Thanks for reading. If you’re going through difficulties right now, know you aren’t alone.

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