My Family is Losing It!

We’re weird and we lost it years ago, but in a good way.

In this case, I want to tout the accomplishments of my siblings and my son. They are all on a popular weight loss plan or lighter version of it and have done very well in the last six months. I am very very proud of them.

I’ve not seen them in six months and am looking forward to my next visit. I know how difficult it is. I was nearly at goal weight when my Pop got sick. We were constantly back and forth to the hospital or rehab. It’s my fault, but I fell back into the fast food habit. I’ve regained all but fifty pounds.

Maybe this summer I can be more active. In September I’ll be eligible for Silver Sneakers. If hubby is better by then, we can join together and be more active. My hope when I moved here was to walk more. I thought I could walk one mile to Dunkin and get some coffee. Never happened.

I did park in one area in town this afternoon and walked to most of the stores on my list. I finally had to drive to the grocery store which was the last stop. I was sore afterward but at least I was moving.

Maybe I can make small changes until winter is over. My family has inspired me to get with it. If I only lose 30 pounds, that’s tremendous progress!

It’s more important than ever to get some of this weight off. I’m retired and my health would be greatly improved by dropping a few pounds.

Here’s to better health!

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