Disheartened; Not Depressed

We are now approaching March 2019. This year has not been kind thus far.

Good news first: Sister’s surgery went well. She and youngest sis are dropping weight and are ever closer to their goals. Niece’s appointment has been moved up a bit, so hopefully some answers will be revealed soon. Brother’s radiation scheduled about a month from now (his choice).

Husband seemed better six months ago. We are nearly into eighteen months of his pain and now lack of strength. Showers/baths are scary. We will look into redoing the bathroom with a walk-in tub and shower. We’re not getting any younger.

Physical therapy begins Tuesday. We don’t know what’s going on, but we can work on range of motion and gait training. After standing 10 minutes, his body wants to collapse. He’s one internet search away from being a hypochondriac. This could be a slipped disc for all we know. The symptoms match up, but it will be PT for now and see how that helps.

I miss going to church every week, but I can listen to the sermons online. It’s not the same, but it helps.

So, I am disheartened that I can’t help my husband nor visit my family as soon as I would like. I know it’s not depression. I’ve been there and it was not pretty. This is a “normal” reaction to my life as it is right now. I love my husband so much! I can’t help him.

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