Moments of Joy

We’ve been focused on the possibility of MS for several months now and symptoms fit for the most part. However recent labs and repeat labs show a different issue. Now we’re to see an endocrinologist. This is a good thing. If this is all about body chemistry being out of balance we’ll be thankful but also angry at losing two years of health.

Weather is starting to cool a little and that helps hubby. That’s a blessing. Our neighbor had someone attack part of a downed tree out back near the property line. Another blessing.

We went to see his Mom yesterday. It was difficult for hubby to get to the porch from the car (50 feet). Poor Mama George was unable to wash clothes and figured it was a problem for her eldest daughter to handle since she is the one who bought the washer last year. I found the manual and immediately went to the troubleshooting page. It wasn’t filling with water so I figured a clogged filter or something. She showed me the lights on the washer. It was set for drain/spin. The dial was most likely bumped as she put the plants back on the washer top.

I changed the dial to another setting and it worked on a small blanket, but she had tried five times before to run the machine on the wrong setting (bad eyesight) so the washer was still filled with suds. One more try and it was perfect. She called later and said, “Thank you, thank you, thank you!” She now has clean clothes and she’s happy.

It was a welcomed bit of sunlight in what’s been a stressful two years with a chronically ill hubby, now recovered sister and brother, declining senior kitty and being away from family for so long. I finally had control over something even if it was just a washing machine. I’ll take it!

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