We said goodbye to our kitty Wednesday night. I saw him take his last breaths as he lay under a covered deck chair. He had refused food but kept drinking. His eyes were bright. He had started to be a little more distant, hiding under the table or a corner of a room. He was 16 or 17 years old and Hubby had had him since he was a kitten. I met him nearly 10 years ago and was around him full time for the past three years.

Mr. Mats reluctantly accepted me once he figured I was not going away. This house after all had been a bachelor pad for a while. He was Matsie, Big Guy, Furball and Kee-cat. He was an indoor/outdoor kitty. When outdoors he wanted to be left alone. I guess he was protecting his rep.

He liked to sleep on one of the couches (had a bed, box and warm mat). We’d be up watching television and Mr. Mats would sit and give us evil looks. HE was tired and HE wanted his spot so HE could go to bed, whichever spot he’d choose on a particular night. It would make us laugh until we cried.

There were times when he wanted to come in and we didn’t hear him, so he’d make his way to the top of the window air conditioner and meow. Of course there were the dirty looks when his food dish was less than half full and times when he’d sit on top of his automatic feeder as a subtle hint. He’d even say “ow-wow” when he wanted his afternoon snack.

I’ve put away his water fountain and automatic feeder. I took an unopened box of canned food back to the store. The shelter just takes dry food. I have leftover treats and I’ll offer them to my sister-in-law. I think she has five cats.

I still have the litter box to empty and clean. His blanket is downstairs ready to be washed. Toys and his extra bed will be boxed up along with his brush.

Maybe in the spring when we’ve healed a bit we’ll get a kitten and we’ll check the shelter first.

I miss Furball so much. I’ve gone to the back door so many times in the past few days to see if he wants to come in and then I remember. I’ll never forget Matsui, Mr. Mats, Big Guy, Furball, Kee-cat. House seems so quiet.

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