In Sickness and in Health

Things are coming together for better or worse. The neurology appointment went well. Hubby asked a lot of questions and received very informative answers.

He is facing a lumbar puncture but there’s not a huge hurry. Doc said if it was concerning, he would press to have it scheduled soon. For now we will see how his knee treatment helps and schedule the LP in about a month or so. IF it confirms MS, he most likely has Primary Progressive MS (PPMS). Doc drew on his white board and showed that hubby’s symptoms indicate he is very low on the progression. If MS is confirmed he will recommend treatments.

I am beginning to organize a bit. He is willing to have a walker for doctor appointments but is unwilling to consider a shower chair for now. We can borrow a walker. The Hurrycane with the flashlight was a no go. I feel it’s more stable than the stick he’s using presently, but he’ll come around. He’s a bit like my grandfather that way. He’ll mull it over and when it’s in his own timing he’ll agree to it.

I will fill out the form for the handicap parking placard and drop it off Monday for our PCP to finish. Apparently I can take it to the Town Hall to receive the placard. I’m also getting Senior Services for the town to come in and put in a porch rail. We’ll have someone come over Tuesday to give us an idea of what can be done. We only pay for parts and have the option to donate to the program. I love that we have services for seniors that we can call upon if needed.

Again we wait but it’s not urgent. We can allow his knee to heal and see if that makes a difference in his ability to walk somewhat normally or at least with much less pain. I am feeling more positive. We talk things out. I will try not to go full steam ahead. One day at a time.

He still says he didn’t mean for this to happen and it’s not fair to me. I reminded him once again of our vows taken in 2016…in sickness and in health for better or for worse.

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