On Your Mark, Get Set…

Hubby saw his neurologist recently. There was only one more gel injection for his knee, so Doc said to give it a month for that to work and then call to schedule the lumbar puncture. Because hubby’s symptoms have never gone into remission Doc now suspects he has Primary Progressive Multiple Sclerosis (PPMS). He believes the progression is slow and at the lower end of the scale. The signals from his neck to the rest of his body are interrupted.

Hubby doesn’t want to give in to MS. He’s been hesitant to get a mobility device. I let him take his time. He came around faster than I thought. His sister had a four wheeled walker. He now wants a rollator which Medicare does not cover. He found one on Amazon that looks like it will work and it also has the option to use as a transport chair. He could actually go shopping with me. If he gets tired he can sit and I can push. He needs to walk more and rebuild the strength in his legs.

Two days ago he tried walking down the hall. He was dragging his left leg and his foot was turned inward as if atrophied. He couldn’t lift his leg. Apparently this is still called “foot drop”. My Google PhD tells me a foot and ankle brace would help that. We will ask Doc when we go back. In the meantime his rollator is coming tomorrow. I now have the handicap placard so we can park closer for doctor appointments. Maybe he can finally make the very short trip to his Mom’s house. He hasn’t been there since early October. She’s been here two or three times since she relies on her 90 year old sister to drive. I know she worries. I’d still like to see my family. It’s been a long, long time and it’s a 10-11 hour drive depending on how long it takes to get off this island. I hope I can before the heat of summer if he’s able.

I sent an email link to my family about PPMS that explains some of what we face. It doesn’t cover the tingling in his hands and loss of fine motor control. He can still dress himself but the problem with his hands makes that difficult. He now has aids to help him with socks when that time comes and a long handled shoe horn for help with that left shoe…always his left shoe. I may insist he share that. We both have “grabbers”. I use mine because I’m vertically challenged. He uses his to be annoying. He also has a strap to help him lift his left foot.

We’re managing well. Our humor can get a little dark at times but we laugh. We don’t know exactly what we’re facing but really who does? One day at a time. On your mark, get ready, get set…

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