His First Trip This Month

Hubby needed to get labs today so this was his first venture out in a month and also the first one using the rollator outside. He chose not to use the rollator going into the lab but asked me to bring it inside just in case.

He enjoyed the 30 minute drive there and back. I did stop and get him KFC. We had two pieces for lunch and froze the rest. All was well with the world until…

He got out of the car using a strap to lift his foot. He made it to the porch. There is one step before the landing. We have no hand rail until the ground thaws. He had his right foot on the first step and had difficulty lifting his left leg (foot drop). I was not behind him and he lost his balance and ended up on the grass. There was no panic. I gave him about 30 seconds and then asked if he was injured. He was more shaken than anything. It took a while to get him up and in the house. If he had been hurt I would have called the Fire Dept. or run to a neighbor’s house. He suggested the possibility of getting a ramp. I believe the town does that also at cost.

I learned later than a fall can drain the energy out of an MS patient. It’s been six hours and he’s dozing on the couch.

I can accept that things will be challenging. The leaks into the cellar stressed me out more than the MS. He’s accepting what he can and cannot do. This changes day to day. Tomorrow he may be able to walk more easily. He loves the aid that helps him put his socks on and he’s trying to talk his Mom into getting one. My Mom has one as does my eldest sister.

I love this man so much. I’ve loved him since I was 21 years old but God knew the timing was not right. I had to grow and I was very naive and sheltered. We’ll celebrate four years of marriage in June.

Bless his heart. He’s trying to figure out a way that I can go home for a week. Best bet in my opinion is for him to stay with his Mom as long as he can get the rollator around. We’ll work on that plan.

That’s all for now. He swears he’ll be in bed by 9pm. That’s probably a good idea. I have laundry to bring up in a few minutes and the dishwasher is running. I may with God’s help be able to get back to normal cleaning around here. I still need to get to Ace to get birdseed for the squirrel….I mean birds. I love my birds. Not too fond of the squirrel. Hubby had chickadees eating out of his hand a year ago. They love sunflower seeds. I hope he can spend time on the deck when it warms up. I’ll try to get the tarp over the deck frame so we’ll have some shade.

Scary moment in the day but hubby did get outside and get some fresh air. He’s not hurt. I am thankful!

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