Pandemic Anxiety

I’m having a really bad day today. I am on the verge of tears. I don’t toss and turn at night and hubby says I just don’t move. I don’t remember waking up during the night but I must be dreaming. I do not wake up rested. I am so stressed and feeling a tad fragile. I fear going to the store but they will be closed for Easter as they should be.

This is nearly an anxiety attack but on the mild side. I do have medication if needed. Heck, I have wine spritzers in the fridge. 

I have so much to do. More dishes, laundry, etc. As soon as I get that done it will be time to cook dinner. It doesn’t stop until I crash into bed. Sometimes I take a nap. I need to hear less about the pandemic because it beats me down. There’s so much sickness and so much death. The youngest patient I’m aware of is a 6 week old infant. Too many people, including government leaders and ministers, are not taking this seriously. I’d love to be in church on Easter Sunday, but like the tomb, church will be empty Sunday save for 4 or 5 people recording the service. I miss my family. I’m worried about my son traveling up here for work.

If we must go through this pandemic, can we at least have spring temperatures and no winds so I can work in the yard?

For now I will dry my hair and my tears and head out with my mask and gloves. I shouldn’t be gone long. I’m just weary. On top of everything else hubby is having a painful day. I just don’t want to adult today but somebody must.

Excuse the rambling, please. I need to get this out. Thank you.

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