Oh, Baby!

Earlier this week hubby’s baby girl gave birth to her own baby girl. Mother, daddy, baby and big brother are doing well. It’s a bit odd that her daddy was born during a hurricane, her parents were married just after Hurricane Sandy and had to change both venues within three days. Big brother was born after the Zika outbreak and baby girl was born during this pandemic. I’m sensing a pattern.

She is healthy and adorable. Her name was changed once they saw her. She has a head full of black hair so they went with their second choice of name. Did I say she’s adorable? I don’t know when we’ll be able to see her in person but we can’t wait. They live in another state and Grandpa doesn’t travel well nor does he climb stairs. Their stairs are steep and slick going to the second floor. We’ll be able to see her on social media video.

I’m still doing Zoom with my family and I love it!! I’m amused by my sister’s cats in the background and my son’s antics where he is.

It’s just so nice to have something uplifting to push away the moments of dread.

Let’s take the blessings when they come.

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