Sweet Day

Yesterday was a much better day. The heat and humidity were down and hubby was having a much easier time getting around the house. It also puts him in the mood to tease. The teasing used to annoy me a little. I actually appreciate it these days.

We received a call just before noon from his daughter. She’s in town and staying at her in-laws’ house. She asked about visiting us but staying outside and if she should wear a mask. Since it was outside at a great distance we said masks weren’t necessary. Her three year old was told to keep a distance as well.

I managed to help hubby out to the deck. He could actually see his daughter, grandson and brand new granddaughter! His daughter and grandson stayed on the lawn but the baby was close enough where we could watch her sleep and zoom in for pictures. We really wanted to hold her but we can’t just yet. She is the first granddaughter. There are three grandsons.

This tired hubby out but really made his day. They may come back out later in the week! If my son-in-law comes out next time I may ask him to help get the awning up. I’m too short and hubby doesn’t want me even on a step ladder. The awning would provide plenty of shade and make the deck cooler. Perhaps hubby can get outside more often when it’s up. He really needs to get out of the house. Yesterday’s visit weakened him and he had a little sunburn but it was worth it.

Although we couldn’t hug the kids it lifted our spirits to see baby girl for the first time in person. Her big brother is getting so big. We found out the day after our wedding that his daughter was pregnant with her son. Grandson number three is getting so big and he’s so sweet. We don’t see his kids or grandkids very often even before the pandemic. His daughter lives out of state and his son is just over an hour’s drive away. My family is about a ten hour drive away. I miss them so much.

It was very uplifting to have company even at a distance. It was such a sweet day.

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