It’s Our Fourth Anniversary!

Today, hubby and I celebrate our fourth wedding anniversary! It seems so much longer than four years but in a good way.

More than half our marriage has been this journey of progressive symptoms for which we have no official diagnosis. It could be Primary Progressive MS. One specialist believes it’s Mixed Connective Tissue Disorder. He sees his PCP and Rheumatologist next month. His PCP will read him the riot act. I won’t say a word. I believe after he sees the rheumatologist he’ll decide to proceed with the lumbar puncture. I really hope so.

Walking with the rollator is difficult most days. He’s in a great deal of pain most days but he doesn’t always voice it. Before Christmas he was using a walking stick but mostly outdoors. He bought the rollator in January of this year. Sometimes he gets halfway down the hall and asks me to push him.

He wonders about his life expectancy. I read where those diagnosed as having late onset MS progressed faster toward disability and have maybe ten years from diagnosis. I did not tell him about this. He had already read other articles regarding life expectancy.

He told me about a fellow boater at the local marina. He said this man was his same age and the only other person he’s known who went from fit to frail practically overnight. The man died nearly three years ago. The obituary suggested donations to the MS Society. My heart sank. This man died at age 63.

I don’t know what the future holds but we’re going to face this together. I have not heard back from the hospital regarding their support group. I’m going to need emotional support and also resources. Resources will be easier once we have an official diagnosis.

We’re still very happy after the first four years, so here’s to four more and many many more!

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