Feeling Hopeful

Hubby had a rheumatology appointment this past Monday. He could not command his left leg to lift. Because hubby has an as yet undiagnosed illness the specialist wanted him to see the neurologist. He would have sent us to the ER had it not been for this pandemic.

We were added to the neurologist’s schedule Wednesday. He tested the leg and hubby had feeling in it but still could not command it to lift nor wiggle his toes. Doc was very concerned and said, “MS does not act like that!” He ordered three more MRIs of his lumbar spine, cervical spine and brain which he’ll have this coming week. After all this, ALL this, he thinks it may be a disc causing the majority of the mobility issues. If it’s a disc 13 months after I asked if it could be just that, Doc owes me a year’s worth of his salary. Just kidding, but still…

The brain/cervical MRIs will show if there is any change from the past 18 months from previous scans. It’s possible he may still have a milder form of MS. Hubby said if it’s just his back and getting that treated allows him to walk again…the other symptoms are manageable. I feel the same. He can move about, see his Mom for the first time since October, we can do things together and HE CAN DO THE COOKING!!! He may never get his red lawn tractor back. I’ve got squatter’s rights on that!

Oh how I love this man of mine. He’s a good man. He’s a sweet man. He’s really smart, too. He knows not to criticize my cooking but really compliments me when it’s outstanding.

I’m feeling hopeful and blessed. I’m hopeful that things are coming together.

Our plumber even made it to the house today after a week (not his fault and understandable) and fixed the latest leak in 30 minutes. Because of what he’s dealing with I was also able to minister to him and let him know I am praying for his situation.

Next on my list is tractor therapy. It’s so hot and humid that I have locust trees sprouting up in the front yard. I will do only the side and front yards after 6 pm when things cool a little. If it’s too hot today I may have to wait until Thursday.

I’m hopeful that I’ll be able to see family at some point. We still have the pandemic to deal with and I’m very cautious about that, but…

Blessed. Hopeful.

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