Getting Murphied

It is the day after a full moon. That should have been my first clue.

Tropical storm Isaias hit Long Island early this afternoon. Hubby and I each received tornado warnings on our phones. I was prepared to dump him into the cellar stairwell or hang out in the hallway away from windows. The sky wasn’t as dark as it gets when a tornado is near. I missed being in one by about 15 minutes once in Louisiana.

Before the storm, I looked out and the remnants of the Christmas tree that fell last year were now flat on the ground. I’m thinking it’s an easy finish to that task. Wrong. We had a few small twigs fall across the back yard, then our tarp that shaded the deck broke loose and is barely connected at the far side of the deck. Oh joy. I heard a crack. A large limb fell off of the hammock tree. I heard another crack. There was a small tree across our driveway.

Hubby said it’s the kind of job he loves to do if only he had his health again. I don’t mind it so much but it tires me out when I’m also doing everything else.

Where does Murphy’s Law come in, you may ask? Due to the pandemic we have our groceries delivered. This week they are coming between 6:30-8:30 very a.m. I had no real choice but to get out my electric saw and start working on the tree around 6 p.m. Luckily it was a small tree and I managed to get 99% of it off the driveway. The small nub that remains and which I do not have the energy to move was spray painted orange so maybe the guy won’t hit it when he backs into the driveway this week.

We’re still awaiting hubby’s test results. I asked the radiologist to send us the reports. If I do not hear from the neurologist’s office by early afternoon tomorrow, I will call. Hubby has been in pain for three days. There must be an explanation on the MRIs. My patience is gone. I am tired of seeing hubby in pain and struggling. I am tired of doing everything. If hubby is never able to help me again I will keep moving forward with grace and do whatever I can to help him and maintain the house and yard. I come from sturdy stock and most of the time I really don’t mind as long as it’s on my timetable. I DO mind cooking. I really do not like it. Hubby is a great cook. He cannot stand long enough to do that.

My Pastor says to hang on to my sense of humor as I hang on to God. We have so many people praying for us both. I pray the answers come soon. It’s been two years and my patience meter broke long ago. The doctor is about to be on the receiving end of some Southern anger. Bless his heart.

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