It’s Multiple Sclerosis

I saw my PCP this morning and Doc had someone contact neurology about the results of Hubby’s lumbar puncture. It had been five weeks today since the procedure. I was told the neurologist would call. The call came in before dinner.

The lumbar puncture ruled out many diseases, but it was positive for MS. We’re not sure what type it is, though he thinks it’s the relapsing remitting kind and that Hubby’s had it many years. That does not compute with us. Symptoms began when he turned 65. There has been no remission; just progression.

Last year he was walking with a stick. By February of this year he was using a rollator. Now he’s using a wheelchair.

Next month is our appointment. It’s just over two weeks away. We’ll go over the test results in more detail and discuss treatment options and hopefully resources. If we aren’t given any information on resources, I will call the National MS Society and speak with a navigator.

No pun intended, but Hubby is rolling with this at the moment. I am stunned even though I suspected it was MS. I need a good cry. That may require me to take a drive tomorrow. I need to digest this. When that part is done I will be in full forward mode. All that has changed is the name. It’s not something worse than MS. It’s not something deadly. MS may shorten the average life span by a few years but those who die from MS die from complications involving swallowing or infections.

God WILL show us the way to go. He’s not failed me my entire life. I doubt seriously He’ll start now.

I’ll have my mini pity party and forge ahead. Nothing has changed except a label. I love my husband. He loves me. We’re in this together and we’ll find the weird humor in it as well.

Ready. Set. Go.

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