Feeling Deflated

I’m feeling a little down this morning. The Multiple Sclerosis part is what it is and I’ve developed a routine for dealing with Hubby’s day to day issues.

I had hopes that things in this country would have begun to settle down, yet “leaders” are still supporting lies and unrest. It breaks my heart and it has me feeling very disheartened and with a case of the blues. I know my opinions differ from those of most of my family. Sometimes I feel they think I’m influenced in my opinions by others. I am not. I just have a latent political gene and my opinions are my opinions. I am so weary of this. It is not depression but I am aware it could slide that way.

I’m so tired of this pandemic messing things up. Hubby needs to be finished with the vaccine before he can begin treatment for his progressive MS. We don’t have the vaccine here right now. The closest appointment is more than 60 miles by interstate. The interstate is a 30 minute drive from here. We’re in the boonies.

The fantastic news we received this week is that the cost of the infusion medication will be covered 100% by the manufacturer due to our income and the type of MS he has. Full cost of that medication is just over $10,000 per infusion which is every six months.

We’re still trying to get a temporary wheelchair ramp from the Town. Our Habitat for Humanity does not currently do ramps or house repairs. Our pastor is helping us track resources for that. It would help immensely. We have adaptations to make but not that many.

Hubby tries to walk with the rollator every day at the same time. His shortest walk was 3 feet and the longest was about 15 feet. He has even made his own coffee twice this week. He tries to take some of the work off of me. We put the new coffee table together as a couple and I think that helped him mentally.

We’re going to make it. There’s just so much going on at one time. I’m ready for spring and I’m ready for this pandemic to be gone!

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