Stop the World, I Want to Get Off

We are trying so hard to find COVID-19 vaccine appointments on our end of Long Island. Everything through the state thus far is more than an hour away, with most available appointments upstate or around NYC. That’s too much for Hubby.

I went to the next town this morning to drop off registration forms at a local Mom and Pop pharmacy. I found out last month after the fact that they had vaccinated 1000 people. Someone from the pharmacy responded to my social media message on Friday and said to drop off the registration form. I went there and saw signs stating no more were being accepted. I went to pay for the birthday cards I needed and the pharmacist stated the list was quite long but he’d take our applications. I just wanted to cry. I constantly monitor chain pharmacy sites as well as the state site. I’m tired.

Hubby can begin his treatment for Multiple Sclerosis 4-6 weeks after his second vaccine. The pharmacist suggested I ask the neurologist during our telemed visit Wednesday if he knows where Hubby can get it.

I also need to get new tires soon if would stop bloomin’ snowing. Right now it’s raining and snow is melting. Hubby’s lab appointment is tomorrow. It’s a 30 minute drive. He now uses a wheelchair and we have no ramp. I cleared the driveway. I backed into the driveway so the plan is to get him to side-step down the front two steps to a waiting wheelchair and wheel him to the car. Too much snow remains to drive into the yard on the return trip so I’ll have his rollator just inside the front door awaiting him. His former physical therapist would not want to know how we get him in the car, but it is as safe as we can make it right now.

It feels as if things will settle once we get the blood drawn, the cardiac clearance done (don’t know who doc will recommend), vaccines and brain MRI. After all that, his first two infusions will be two weeks apart and an hour drive away. Once those first two infusions are done, it then becomes every six months. The manufacturer is covering 100% of the $10K cost per infusion.

I’m exhausted. I’m tired of winter…the winter that was supposed to be mild but wetter than usual. I don’t sleep well most of the time since pain awakens him and he has difficulty rolling over in bed.

When I returned from the pharmacy, I had to prepare a marinade for dinner and then fix lunch, help him with dressing a little, shovel more snow and put air in that confounded right rear tire. Still have to get the tires replaced soon.

This is more a rant than a post. I did get a call from my son today while I was on the way to the pharmacy. It was good to chat with him. I miss my family so much. If the infusions help him to the point of standing without pain or even walking with an aid, maybe a trip south will be in the cards.

In the meantime, we continue our routine and try to take one day at a time. Hopefully we can find a vendor with our insurance for a portable wheelchair ramp until such time as we know if we will need a permanent ramp.


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