Things have been coming together all at once it seems. The portable ramp is two feet too short so it’s secured in a way that he only has to manage one step. We may be able to adjust that from the top just a bit. His son called to say someone was getting rid of their L-shaped ramp. He sent pictures and it looks like it’s a good fit for the front of the house. If it works out, I’d definitely get some solar lights for it. I’ve seen material that provides a nonskid surface as well. He could go straight from the front door to the driveway. Easier on him and easier on me. If we buy the van, it has a push-button ramp. No more lifting the wheelchair into the trunk. He could lay on the back seat to sleep on long trips or sit in the passenger seat next to me. Maybe I could see my family again.

Our last vaccines will be the end of next week. He also has his cardiac clearance and his last gel injection next week. Maybe he can begin treatment in 8 weeks. It’s so much closer.

I’ve had moments of “depression”. I talk to Hubby about it. I think it’s caused by “where the heck is spring”, the pandemic and just so much to schedule in such a short period of time. This journey is nothing if not overwhelming. It’s something different every day. He’s in pain every single day, just varying degrees of it

Hubby wants so badly to walk again and to have the ability to do things he used to do. His hand issues make guitar playing difficult. He’d love to write again, but he uses the guitar to inspire the lyrics.

MS brings with it so many issues which I won’t cover here. For comfort, he’s down to two pair of fleece pants and two flannel shirts that don’t make him feel as if he’s being choked. Last summer he wore swim trunks and tee shirts.

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