It’s cold and raining. Hubby has had “issues” since yesterday. It does not help matters that I’m in pain.

About two weeks ago while riding the lawn tractor, I had a sudden pain along my left little finger that also appeared in my left thumb. It’s remained in the thumb and thumb pad. I have an appointment Wednesday morning with Orthopedics. I could have had an appointment a week sooner but the location is nearly 90 minutes away and I am not familiar with that area. I would also be leaving Hubby alone way too long.

I’m hoping this only involves an injection. You would think that not having the use of a thumb would not be a big deal. Turns out it really is a big deal. It hurts to just get dressed.

This is also the day of the memorial service for my favorite uncle who died just over a year ago at 92. I just cannot leave home overnight. It is out of state. I cannot visit my family either. There is just no one to stay with Hubby and that long of a drive (and no wheelchair ramps) is not a good idea if he comes along.

I miss my family so very much.

I also found out today that my former co-worker lost her son to suicide two weeks ago. It broke my heart. She and I would always joke around at work. If a call came for her department, I just yelled it out since she was right behind me. She’d always say “we’re not here”. I always replied, “I know that trick!” God be with her. I just cannot imagine what she’s going through.

I’m sure things will improve when I’m in less pain and when the weather improves. It looks like I have a few more branches to drag away after last night’s storm. It just never seems to end. I may take my stepdaughter up on her offer of a little break late next month when she’s off work for the summer. A couple of hours off might help.

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