Happy Anniversary to Us!!

Today is our fifth wedding anniversary. Half of our marriage has been trying to figure out what is wrong with Hubby. It’s Multiple Sclerosis.

Our plan was to go out for breakfast today. It was a bold step. We used to go out for breakfast on Sundays at the Diner which is an historic building and not accessible. We decided on the deli across the street from there where Hubby used to stop for coffee before work. I had remembered a ramp. Turns out the little ramp was on the inside of the building. A lady checked the front of the deli for us and said it was wheelchair friendly.

I ordered for us and we chose to eat outdoors. There was a slight breeze, the temperature was lovely and the food was delicious.

This was a huge step for us. Hubby has been homebound for so long except for doctor visits that he was almost afraid to go anywhere. We even checked out the Old Barn by church where they are holding services for June. He’s strongly considering going Sunday even though showing up in a wheelchair bothers him. This is huge. Our lovely day continued as he guided me to fix some things for my garden. He’s now sleeping.

He’s had his first complete infusion. Results are noticeable after 3 months to a year. He is able to flex his left foot. It is easier to stand despite the heat. He has noticed subtle changes in how his hands feel. If his hands come back, he can play guitar. If he can stand, he will have more freedom in and out of the house.

After this very good day, I am hopeful and so is he. Happy fifth anniversary to us!!

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