Maybe a Personal Break

My stepdaughter and daughter-in-law are both involved in education so they have most of the summer off.

They have offered to spend three days each with Hubby so I can go home and see my family and get a much needed rest. God bless them. If it comes to fruition, I have begun a document that I can email to them on what is involved in his care. I warned them that they may see and do things that are not what they may have envisioned.

It’s MS. You don’t really know what’s involved until you experience it, either as the patient or the caregiver. We have our routines. He tries to do small things since he is in the wheelchair now. It helps. Having a lift chair also helps us both. He has more freedom and I’m not trying to get him upright from the couch which put a strain on both our bodies.

I’m choosing to drive down rather than fly. It’s 90 minutes to the airport anyway and the more frugal flights are super early or super late. I would then need a ride from the airport back home. If I am able to spend four full days there before coming back, that’s a blessing. I have not seen my family in three years. I’ve not been away from Hubby longer than three hours in two years. He has been in the wheelchair for one year.

Hubby has had his first two infusions. The next one is close to Thanksgiving. The schedule worked out that we avoid snow days. He thinks he’s having some improvement in his hands and feels well over all. The heat and humidity will drain him very quickly. He now has a cooling vest courtesy of MSAA and Polar Products. It even helps his brain fog on those days. Most days are good.

I am less afraid to leave him now than I was last week. I know if I’m able to go the time will fly by and it will probably be tiring, but Mom’s going to be 89 years old soon. Two siblings have dealt with early cancer. I have not seen my youngest sister and her family in four years. I need this. I have been encouraged to do it. I know I need the break. Caregivers can suffer burnout and depression. Depression is fleeting. I’ve seen three specialists in the past year. The last one is for my ear infection.

It’s time for a short break. Hubby is stable as long as he doesn’t get too hot. He knows to get at least eight hours of sleep each night and take naps as needed.

We’ll both be fine. It’s just difficult to leave even if it’s less than a week.

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