A Bit of Hope

Hubby had a neurology appointment today. His last “visit” was the video call which did not come through clearly. Since that call, he has had the lumbar puncture, diagnosis of MS and his first infusion.

Today, Hubby explained how he’s been feeling since the infusion. We had a list this time. He now has a prescription that should help with the spasticity; what we refer to as rigor. He should be able to sleep better at night and the muscles that are strained so badly when he rigors will have a chance to heal.

He could not lift his bad leg, but Doc could see the muscle trying to work. Doc was very encouraged. Hubby is on track this early into treatment and he seemed excited how much better he’ll feel after the second infusion near Thanksgiving.

Hubby is tired now. The weather heated up in the afternoon, but he felt good. Doc told him to keep his positive attitude. He’ll see us again after the next infusion.

This has been a huge load off our shoulders. We realize there are no guarantees. We’ve had a rough week. Doc had a twinkle in his eye that made us feel we’re on the right track.

An added bonus came from my stepkids and daughter-in-law. They took turns caring for Hubby while I flew home to finally see my family for the first time in three years. Mom just turned 89 a few days before. My son’s birthday is next month. Two siblings were diagnosed with cancer during that time and are fine now. My youngest sister and her family I had not seen in four years. I left a document for the kids here so they knew what to expect. They did well. I think Hubby missed his usual routine. I may not have rested while I was away but I saw my family and that was such a blessing.

Here’s to a bit of hope.

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