Mixed Bag


Hubby is improving. It’s been nearly four months since his first infusion. The tingling in his arms has reduced and is now from the wrist to fingertips. Next infusion is just before Thanksgiving.

I had my caregiver break courtesy of my step kids. I had six days home to see family after three years. I rested one day while I was there.

I have requested medication for the stress from Doc. Yesterday I had severe anxiety. I just don’t fully relax even though he’s doing well.

We’re getting estimates for an accessible bathroom so Hubby can roll right in. We also need new windows. Most of the decisions will be on me for the bathroom. I’ll have a 30 mile drive to their showroom and I’ll take pictures so we can make most decisions together.

This girl is overwhelmed. Being an MS caregiver is tough enough without any extras on my mind.

One day at a time. Adjust. Adapt. Breathe.

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