Gonna Scream

Good news is that the bathroom is mostly done. We need grab bars mounted and a heavier shower curtain. After that, I can attempt to put the house back in order.

This disease is evil. My sister visited for a few days. We had a good time. Hubby did what he did when I was gone for a few days last summer. He adapted his routine so he appeared to require less help. The past two days he’s made up for lost time. I’m tired. I love him but I’m so very tired.

He has a specific wheelchair for toileting and showering. It’s too tall for him so we need to use the stepstool in order for him to scoot all the way back into the chair. It’s a lot of bending for an old gal but he’s now good for today.

He is confined by four walls for the winter so he thinks too much and it adds to my list. I don’t ask for much but I’d like to shower, wake up and then begin my day. Some days that’s a challenge. His hands have no feeling, he’s in pain or he’s weak.

Next week, his Mom will have her first cataract surgery. I may have some help with that from her daughter and granddaughter. I don’t mind doing it at all.

I already miss my sister. She’s safely home now. It was a blessing having her here.

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