My Day Off

I’m retired with a lot going on. Today is my “day off”.

I got up, washed the previous day’s dishes and then took a moment to catch up on computer stuff. I heard Hubby stir. He put on his shirt and rolled into the kitchen. I made his coffee and poured some juice. He can no longer do it on his own.

After I got him dressed the rest of the way and he got into his recliner from the wheelchair, I finally was able to get my shower and take advantage of self care time.

I then made breakfast. I began cleaning our bedroom, folded two baskets of clothes and vacuumed the entire house. There are more cardboard boxes to break down and take outside, but that’s another day.

I still have a few more things to be done for the bathroom before it’s complete and will try to get the house back in pre-reno order, but today’s my day off.

My SIL is doing the pre-op eye drops for her Mom today. I will take over tomorrow since her Hubby has PT an hour away. My other SIL will take over beginning Tuesday afternoon with the eye drops and eye patch after Mama G’s eye surgery. She lives a bit away and can stay until Friday afternoon.

I know I signed up for the cataract surgery duties but didn’t realize it was this involved, but her eyes are really bad and I love her. I’m so glad my SILs can help out. Both still work and all of our husbands are less than healthy.

This is my day off. I am cooking a whole chicken and it smells great.

Hubby will go to bed around 9pm with my help. I’ll stay up until 11 to watch mindless tv and then go to bed.

I’ll do some driving tomorrow since the eye drops are 3x a day and I’ll get her to her outpatient surgical appointment on Tuesday. She’s about 8 miles from here. My car knows the way.

So glad I had a day off. “Day off” just has a different meaning these days. I’ll sleep well. I’m not complaining at all. I just realized what I did today and it seems so much more than what I actually did.

Carry on, dear ones!

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