MS Is Expensive

Due to our location, any durable medical equipment is out of pocket. We have been approved for a loan for a wheelchair accessible van. It’s not inexpensive for an ’08 but we can get him back on schedule for his treatments. He is one month behind and we don’t want his disease to progress further. Using transportation through our insurance was useless. They did not show two weeks straight and that was with a week’s notice.

We’ll consolidate bills as well so we can also have the deck repaired. The power wheelchair he bought from eBay is working well for him. He can venture out into the yard now. The van will take us to a new level.

On the upside, our neighbor put up a fence and helped clear a lot of brush as well as clearing other debris. It looks so much better. I’ve worked so hard and I’m exhausted but it looks so much better.

We don’t qualify for help for household repairs so Mr. Budget is working on that. It’s his super power.

God’s with us.

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