My uncle died yesterday. Mom has now lost her two youngest brothers. Uncle John was 86 and recently diagnosed with stage 4 cancer. It progressed rapidly.

He was the last of his siblings to marry. He was fun. He stuck to Chevy Impalas most of his life, mostly the convertibles. When I was about 6 or 7, I was riding the train to Franklin with my grandma. He drove his Impala along side the train as far as he was able and it seemed as if he was racing the train. He was a conductor with a commercial rail company.

Mom told me the story of Uncle John being distracted by a young lady with nice legs while he was driving. Had he not been distracted, he would not have run into the back of the garbage truck with his brand new convertible.

When I was 9, he married my Aunt Katherine. They had recently celebrated 58 years of marriage. Seems like just yesterday.

I called Aunt Kap yesterday. She was holding up fairly well. This was a few hours before Uncle John passed. I then called Mom. She said, “not this one”. Mom turned 90 the day before. She is the eldest and has one surviving brother who is not in good health. I wish I could hug her right now. She’s 500 miles away. If we can get Hubby into her house, his chair is 400 pounds and I fear it would tear up her house. She has carpet.

I miss my family. This is a time when we would all come together in grief and share family stories. I have a few of Uncle John. He put my son on a slide. There was a puddle at the bottom. He got so dirty and I cried tears of joy because that child did not like getting dirty. He was about 3.

Uncle John picked up Mom for a doctor’s appointment once. By then he had a truck. Mom is a tad over 5 feet tall. He laughed when she couldn’t get in and offered to get Kap’s sedan instead. Why do I think he knew this would happen??

Years ago, Mom was scrubbing the kitchen floor. Her brothers waited until she had finished it and then came in before the floor was dry. She took the string mop and slapped all three of them across the face with that dirty, wet mop. I think that’s one of my favorite stories.

I asked Kap to tell him I love him. I know she did.

I’ll miss him so much. He’s now with his parents and brothers, safe in the arms of Jesus.

RIP Uncle John. 1936-2022.

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