Peaceful Sunday

It’s a beautiful day today. It began a bit chilly for this time of year but later warmed up long enough to enjoy the yard and grill a couple of burgers.

Hubby had another good Sunday. He was walking very well this morning with a mobility device. The smile on his face was priceless! He’s a bit sleepy now so he’ll go to bed early.

I left him to his own devices for a while. We needed coffee and our favorite ground coffee is not carried by Peapod. We will receive our fourth grocery home delivery tomorrow afternoon. It’s an extra layer of protection against the pandemic.

I donned my mask and went for the coffee. It was on sale! I then filled up the gas tank and followed a shiny object for about ten miles. I was going to call hubby that I’d be delayed but getting to the telephone would not have been easy for him. Calling his cell would have been wasted effort.

My shiny object ended at a nursery. Hanging baskets were on sale and I bought two. Hubby put up a watering system on the deck two years ago. I now have two nozzles not being used so I may buy herbs for the deck rail. I put a bucket under one nozzle and I use the water to fill the redneck birdbath. After three years, the birds are splashing about in it!

I love our birds. We have woodpeckers, nuthatches, chickadees, cardinals, blue jays, red-winged black birds, song sparrows, robins and even osprey.

I may go for more yard therapy tomorrow if the weather holds. I can take my time and get most of the yard debris out to the road before the town picks it up in about two weeks. It’s a huge feeling of accomplishment.

It’s something I can control. I can’t control what’s happening to my husband. I wish I could. We try to keep our humor going. We are in this together wherever it takes us. It would be nice to just get out on the deck for a little while. He’s trying so hard not to let MS take over his spirit. I try to encourage him and sometimes give him a hard time to make him laugh.

Today I am thankful for a beautiful day, my gentle soul of a husband, a great family, great friends and good health.

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