It’s now been 20 months without a diagnosis for hubby. We see another specialist tomorrow. We should also get test results soon. He has difficulty just walking across a room.

Our big day out is once a week to his Mom’s so I can mow her lawn. Her grandson can no longer do it. I also mow our acre. I drive eight miles to the bank and do the shopping alone. I do it all for now.

We have gift certificates for dinner out and an overnight stay nearby but all the rooms are upstairs and there isn’t an elevator. Maybe we can go before the end of the year or return the certificates to the kids so they can enjoy going if we cannot.

We’ve been married three years now. I last saw my family July of last year. I miss them so much. Mom has outpatient surgery soon. I want to go home for a visit but we have to get him well. That’s a very long drive for him and I don’t want to leave him for a week. I don’t like leaving him alone for two hours! There’s no one to take care of him if I go alone.

I hate seeing him in pain. He hates that he can’t help me. We are so close to answers. We’ve been in limbo too long.

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