Answers Soon?

We had a day two weeks ago (just one) in which hubby was walking normally. He’s back to walking like ET again. We were in town to get his knee injected today. After leaving lunch at KFC he barely made it to the car. I had to lift his foot into the car and getting into the house was a tad easier.

January 2nd he’ll have two more MRIs and a follow-up with neurology again to see if this is probably MS or if it may be related to his neck radiation seven years ago. I feel we’re closer to answers or at least narrowing down the possibilities. I personally believe he had several things hit at once because he likes to shake things up.

Just over a week before Christmas. The tree is still in the cellar. This will be my third Christmas doing everything. Tree and stockings will be up but probably less decorating than before. I still need to go back to town (20 miles) to finish up shopping and finish gift wrapping. I’d like to make the chocolate treats. One of hubby’s presents is fun size Baby Ruth bars. We can’t find them here so I ordered them online and marked the package “Open Last!”. That will be fun.

New grandbaby on the way. Hubby’s daughter is having a girl (pretty sure) in mid-late April. He tears up about it. He’ll have a princess. He doesn’t stand a chance. She’s not yet born and she’s already stolen his heart.

Time to get the tree upstairs, but first….coffee!!

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