I’ve been under so much stress lately. I’ve been praying for Hubby and have had others praying for him as well. Seems most of the prayers have been answered at once.

We live in the boonies of Long Island. We’re about 10 miles from the eastern end. The distribution of COVID-19 vaccine is sparse out here. Most of it is upstate or in and around NYC. I have been stressing over the vaccine because Hubby must wait a month after his final dose before he can begin the treatment that could halt and/or reverse his progression. His left leg barely works. Just six months ago he could walk with a rollator. He is now in a wheelchair. A huge thing for him is making his own cup of coffee or planning meals.

Yesterday I finally got through online with Walgreen for the vaccine. I thought Hubby was already working on his appointment as well but he was updating his account so he missed out on appointments. My appointment was scheduled for today. I kept refreshing the page and hours later appointments returned. Hubby’s appointment is tomorrow. Our second appointments are near the end of March so the soonest he can begin treatment will be late April!!

His portable ramp came today. We have to adjust it somewhat but once that is taken care of, he’s willing to get out a little more because it won’t be a strain on him and especially on me. Those are his words.

Labs have been drawn, so cardiac clearance and MRI remain before treatment begins. I am able to relax a little emotionally…just a little. Once everything is scheduled, I can breathe easier. The biggest unknown was his vaccine appointments. Everything is beginning to fall into place.

I was even able to get new tires today so that long drive for the infusions will be safer and I’ll have peace of mind.

A man who works with my sister-in-law may be selling his 2005 wheelchair accessible van with very low mileage and garage kept. There is still a lot to consider. Should Hubby be blessed with reversal of symptoms where he can walk again, we would not need a van. His head cannot go to where he will never walk again or that he’ll progress further.

We still need to renovate the bathroom to make the shower safer. We have a list and a plan. I also plan to have a nervous breakdown because by golly I’ve earned it. I would do it all again for him. I love him so much and am committed to being here for him no matter what. I’m hopeful things will return to a version of normal that allows us to watch a parade, visit his Mom, take a long trip to see my family and eventually return to cooking together. He’s a much better cook.

Whatever is ahead of us we’ll face together. At last we have treatment in sight and I am so thankful!

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