Springing Forward

After what seems an eternity, we are on the cusp of being able to schedule treatment for Hubby. The pandemic, primarily, delayed the lumbar puncture which was done in late November. We now know for sure he has Multiple Sclerosis.

His second COVID vaccine is tomorrow. We received a call yesterday from neurology asking when he’d be done. I’m to call them next week so he can be placed on the schedule for the infusions.

The past several days have been great for him. He’s been out for appointments twice this week. We’ve been on the deck four times this week and even had lunch outside. We also held out sunflower seeds for the chickadees and they accepted our offerings.

In about a month we’ll also have a ramp which may work better from the deck and lead to the driveway. If it works that way, Hubby will be entering the car from a level surface. We’re learning.

Yard debris will be picked up April 19th so I have some work ahead but it’s all piled up closer to the road. Time to get the tractor and big wagon going.

Spring has sprung. Time to move forward.

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