Finally Warm!

It is finally a beautiful spring day. I have less than two weeks to get the yard debris (we have an acre) to the side of the road. Yesterday I managed to get three tractor wagon loads out. I have 5-6 more to do. After last year’s pick-up, I moved leftover debris nearer the front yard. Genius.

I was going to work on more piles today after I got back from town but Hubby wanted me to check on the tractor to see if it would run. Hubby is in a wheelchair. The shed is nearly 50 yards away. Since the tractor did not start, I wheeled him down the ramp which is too short. I bet most of you can guess that a standard wheelchair does not like to go through grass. I found a large piece of cardboard. Every time he got stuck, I moved the cardboard until he was finally by the tractor. He has not been in the back yard other than the deck for nearly two years. He was diagnosing the tractor. After an hour he figured it was the battery. Duh. He then looked across the yard, staring. He was able to watch our birds from a different vantage point and from a shaded area. We then got him back to the house. Let me tell you, I would have no problem passing a cardiac stress test.

I drove out to buy a new battery and I installed it. She hesitated and then started up! I don’t need to mow yet, but she’s ready. I inflated the back tires, checked the oil and added gasoline. I will be using my chainsaw tomorrow to cut up some of the debris and get it moved. I have a jumanji in the back corner with briars. It always catches me when I mow so I’m taking the chainsaw to that as well and I’ll then spray the remaining briars.

There’s always plenty of debris and overgrowth here but this is my therapy. I know Hubby would rather I not cry in front of him. It upsets him that his MS stresses me out. I can cry on a tractor for two hours if I need to.

We should be getting a call from neurology within the next several weeks with the first appointment for his infusion. We’re praying it reverses his progression and that he’ll have function in his hands, left leg and reduced pain and spasticity.

I have my hopes up but I realize nothing may change in how his body works. His mind is intact which is not the case with a lot of patients his age. For that, I am thankful.

Tomorrow I’ll be fully vaccinated. Saturday he will be fully vaccinated. He wants me to buy a cake or donuts. He wants to dance. I think we can manage something with the wheelchair so we can dance.

I miss dancing with my husband. I miss his cooking. I miss going to parades or enjoying the beach scenes. We may never experience that “normal” again. We may find a new “normal”. We may get him a more versatile wheelchair.

My stepson is picking up a wheelchair ramp from a lady who no longer needs it. He will drop it by on Saturday and he and his friend will come back another day to install it. A proper ramp will be wonderful.

Things are beginning to come together. I pray the infusions help. We need a cure for Multiple Sclerosis.

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