Still Waiting But Closer

We finally have the cardiac clearance. It was a huge run around for us and a bit irritating, but it’s now done. Either neuro just received it or it was misplaced in their office. We were assured a week ago that the clearance would be faxed that day to them.

We now await a call from neuro to schedule the first treatment date. He is still in a wheelchair but we’ve adapted to make things easier on us both. We bought a power lift chair with massage and heat online. I put it together. He can now be more upright in order to transition to the wheelchair. His back pain is much less.

He now goes on the deck without assistance. He can reach the bucket of birdseed in case the chickadees come over to his hand. There are activities of daily living that still require assistance. He cannot fix himself a meal and I help him into bed. For now, things are a bit easier. The heat and humidity is wearing him out today.

I received a jury summons today. Yes, I freaked out. There is no one to stay with him if I’m gone that long. It’s for the entire county (80 miles across). The closest court is 20 miles. The other court is more than an hour’s drive and I do not know that area at all. I emailed the court regarding this and they excused me from service without having to have a doctor’s note. I suppose they have a record of his handicapped status. I’m relieved but I’m hanging on to that email just in case.

Yet again, we wait. His PCP is not happy about the wait. He said it’s been three years since he first suspected MS and we’re just now closing in on treatment. The pandemic and search for a vaccine delayed us quite a bit. I pray the treatment halts progression and perhaps reverses some of the damage. It’s again a wait and see situation, but we’re closer…much closer.

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